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Build Powerful Cloud-Native Database Applications
With Drag-n-Drop Simplicity

With ParaSQL you can build powerful, cloud-based business applications with drag-n-drop simplicity. These apps can run on any device, anywhere in the world. Desktop or mobile optimized. You can even integrate with your existing databases – without writing a line of code.

Enterprise-grade features like triggers, events, a REST API, and full role-based security means it can scale to meet demanding requirements. Yet because all UI layout, reporting, charting and even integration with other systems is done via drag-n-drop, the first iteration of even a complex business application can often be built in an afternoon.

ParaSQL is a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

ParaSQL is simply the fastest way to build and deploy powerful custom business applications in the cloud

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Modern free-form design.
A ton of advanced technology.
Right at your fingertips.

ParaSQL is like no other cloud application platform. Because it was designed for modern web browsers, everything works amazingly well. Drag tabs, menus, buttons, records, reports and a wide variety of chart types right off the palette and drop them into your application canvas. Nest child records within parent records simply by dropping them where you want (with as many levels of depth as you need). Create a data link from one object to another to show related info with a single click. Create pop-up panels to allows your users to drill down further, add records or make selections as needed. Join tables together for a report by dropping one on top of another. Even integrate your existing business data without writing a line of code.

ParaSQL can easily integrate with your existing databases (e.g. Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) and even certain cloud services (e.g. Salesforce) without writing a line of code.

Integration Server

A ParaSQL Integration Server with Hyper Connect allows you to easily integrate your existing business data – without coding.

Simply define a Data Source in ParaSQL (say an existing Microsoft SQL Server used by other applications at your company, or a Salesforce account used by your sales team, or an eCommerce platform running MySQL) and link to that data with just a few clicks. No export/import needed. No problematic sync needed either. Then you can build new cloud-native applications with ParaSQL that integrate and extend (or replace) those existing systems while running both simultaneously. Without hiccups. It's a game changer. Ask for a demo to see how easy it really is.

Your Applications Will Run On Any Device

A ParaSQL application can run unchanged across laptops, big-monitors, tablets and smartphones. However, for the best user experience, each application should consider the approximate screen size of the device it will usually run on. The application designer has full control over dynamic resizing, and can even install the application on tablets and smartphones so it can run without a web browser getting in the way – full-screen, clean scrolling, responsive. The way it should be.

Fully customizable Security Roles allow you to specify exactly what each user can see and do.

Accessible From Anywhere

Share your applications across the office or across the globe. Simple email invites and single-sign-on with Google Accounts makes sharing simple and secure. Leverage Google's industry-leading two-factor authentication and security practices to lock down your business applications while still making them easy to access – whether in the office or on the road.

Power When You Need It

Although many ParaSQL applications are built entirely without code, the ability to write a little JavaScript or SQL when needed is a key requirement for any advanced system.

You can easily build systems with complex business logic, routing, approvals, email notifications and more with only very minimal code. For example, you might write a database trigger in SQL to update some other tables in your database when a status field changes from New to Approved. Or you might write a scheduled task in SQL that automatically generates Purchase Orders at night based upon inventory restock levels. Or a simple trigger that sends an email notification when someone is assigned something. Or maybe you want to write a few lines of JavaScript to move selected items in one list to those in another with a single click, which you can easily do with ParaSQL's DOM API.

Best of all, most of the things that used to require code simply don't any longer – like calculated fields, turning on/off certain parts of the UI based on who is logged in, building pop-up panels, etc. Everything is just easier.

Reliable, Scalable, Secure

ParaSQL runs entirely in Google's datacenters to fully leverage their amazing infrastructure for enterprise-grade scalability, security, and reliability.

Full encryption of data, both at rest and in transit, along with advanced multi-factor authentication is backed up by a large team of PhD-level security experts working constantly on your behalf.

If you want to run your business on the best, this is it.